Restoration Update: DC-3

Our DC-3 restoration team has made great progress in the last few weeks. Since our last update, the team has installed the first set of seats. These seats are original to the aircraft and have been beautifully reupholstered. Eastern Airlines was known for its luxurious amenities, and these seats are no exception. On the left-hand side, passengers can click the button to recline the seats and have access to a handy ashtray. In the overhead bins, the team has also added a layer of cushioning, which would have helped to keep the luggage from protruding. 

Also in the cabin are the newly installed fire extinguisher, first aid box, and exit sign. In our last update, the team had installed the first orange window shade. Since then all the shades, and their corresponding ties, have been added. 

In the cockpit, the frame for the co-pilot seat has been installed.