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Immersive flight experiences

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Immerse yourself in the experience of flight with our general aviation and military flight simulators. A simulator experience is the perfect opportunity to see what’s required to fly a fighter jet, race plane, or general aviation aircraft. Take to the skies in free flight, or if you’re feeling adventurous, practice your landing skills. Our simulators are designed for both kids and adults, and require no prior experience!

Simulators are generally available on the following schedules:


Tuesday10AM - 3PM
Thursday10AM - 3PM
Saturday10AM - 3PM
Sunday10AM - 3PM


Closed for maintenance until further notice.

Redbird: Cessna 172

Thursday10AM - 3PM
Friday10AM - 3PM
Sunday10AM - 3PM

*Or by appointment.


Availability is subject to change. Restrictions may apply.

Flight Rules

Please review the flight rules prior to booking

REDBIRD: Ages 12+

F-18 and ICON A5: Ages 12+

Must be able to independently get in and out of a cockpit seat.

Must be able to follow the directions of the flight instructor.

Availability of all simulators are subject to change. Restrictions may apply.

Please contact the museum for more information.

F-18 Hornet

Step into Pete Mitchell’s F/A-18 “Hornet” cockpit – an all-weather, twin-engine, super-sonic multirole jet designed as both a fighter and attack aircraft (hence the “F/A” designation).  The "Hornet" it is highly maneuverable mid-wing fighter jet, introduced in 1983 and still active today via the updated ”Super Hornet” designation. 

Launch from an aircraft carrier or training base and experience the ultimate in free flight air-to-air combat. Put the weapons systems to the tast, or practice your landing skills in our F/A-18 simulation experience. This simulator features a working throttle, rudder pedals and replica flight stick that make you feel like you're flying.


Training Modules

Available by request only. Please note that some training modules may require two simulator sessions to fully complete.

• Basic ground controls & systems
• The full "Cold Start"
• Takeoff
• Carrier takeoff
• Landing
• Carrier Landing
• Weapon Systems
• Advanced weapons systems





Take to the skies in an ICON A5! This is a great way to learn the dynamics of flight, where you’ll have an opportunity to use the flight-stick, throttle and rudder pedals to move as efficiently as possible.

Redbird Full Motion
Cessna 172

Our full-motion Cessna Redbird flight simulator puts you in the pilots seat for an ultra-realistic flying experience: full 50 degrees of pitch, 40 degrees of roll and 60 degrees of yaw, coupled with a 200- degree panorama view.

You can ride with a NEAM pilot for a Discovery flight for ages 12 and older. The Redbird is also approved by the FAA and EASA for instrument training, meaning that experienced pilots can use it to practice instrument flying and build time. Instrument training must be scheduled in advance.



Coming soon to NEAM: Right in the shadows of our fully restored A-10 Warthog, feel the full body “Brrrrrrrr” of the 30 mm armor piercing cannon as your put your skills to the test in this modern aviation legend. 




Coming Q4 2023: Experience a dedicated military simulation experince, with two 3/4 replica F/A-18 Hornet cockpits, full 270* wrap around screens, haptic feedback and multi-pilot connectivity. The NEAM Flight Deck will provide aviation enthusiasts with an unprecidented opprtunity to fly the F/A-18 Hornet. Simply enjoy a free flight, or pracice setting up a target on replica aircraft control systems.


Advanced training programs will be available for the more daring military aviation enthusiast: ever wonder if you can land on an aircraft carrier? Curious how to power up and properly takeoff? How about close combat manuvers. From beginner to advanced pilot, experience the Top Gun legend at the NEAM Flight Deck

** Signing up does not guarantee access to the launch event. Only the first 100 guests to sign up will receive an invite. Tickets to the launch event are $35 each at the door, and include food, and two drink tickets. If selected, a full schedule will be emailed along with your official invite.