Mustang Engine Collection: Allison 12 Cylinder Engine, Rolls Royce Merlin Engine, Griffon Engine The museum was in possession of a Rolls Royce Merlin besides one recently completed for the Kosciusko project. We also had an Allison 12 cylinder such as the P-51 was originally built with. In addition we had in storage a Rolls Royce Griffon, another 12 cylinder V design. Both the Allison and the Merlin were used in the Mustang and the Griffon in the Supermarine Spitfire. Additionally, the Griffon has been used postwar in several racing configurations in the Mustang up to the present. It was decided to restore the three engines to incorporate them into one display with the P-51 Mustang as the focal point, along with storyboards explaining the relevance of both the aircraft and the engines and their contributions to the war effort. So far our engine shop has completed the restoration of the Merlin, which is on display in the Civilian hangar next to the P-51 Mustang, and the Allison, which is currently stored in the Restoration hangar. We are midway through the restoration of the large Rolls Royce Griffon engine.

Griffon & Allison

Unrestored Griffon and partially restored Allison engine

Griffon Engine Pre Restoration

The Griffon engine was in very rough shape when we acquired it.

Griffon Engine Pre Restoration

Griffon After Bead Blasting

The first step in the engine’s restoration was to bead blast the engine to remove caked on layers of dried cosmoline grease, dirt and flaking paint.

Griffon Engine After Bead Blasting

After bead blasting, the engine was then moved into the restoration hangar’s engine shop where it was disassembled to allow for cleaning of individual components. The contra-rotating shaft was freed up and can now rotate freely.

Griffon Engine Partially Restored

Reassembly of the Griffon has begun. Painting of the block and several of the accessories is now underway and the supercharger has been reinstalled. The valve cover lettering surfaces have been cleaned and prepped for hand painting and both the oil pump and speed controls for the supercharger have been reinstalled. The coolant pump and attachments were removed and cleaned and are now ready for reinstallation, and the oil supply lines were cleaned, painted and reinstalled.