Fly Redbird!

The New England Air Museum’s full motion flight simulator –
called Redbird – puts you in the pilot’s seat to get the full experience of flying.

The 50 degrees of pitch, 40 degrees of roll and 60 degrees
of yaw, coupled with its 200- degree panorama visual, gives you the closest
sensation of flying without leaving the ground.

You can ride with a NEAM pilot for a Discovery flight, or
take the controls yourself if you’re 12 years old or older.

Since Redbird is approved for Instrument training by the FAA
and EASA, experienced pilots can use it to practice instrument flying and build

Your flight can be a serene sightseeing flight in clear air,
or you can choose to fly in a range of weather conditions, including snow,
rain, fog, and even thunderstorms -- if you’re the adventurous type.


The Redbird is available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Availability subject to change. Please call and confirm availability (860) 623-3305. Tickets are first come first serve and cannot be reserved in advance.