These incredibly detailed accounts by those involved, captured over the 60-year evolution of the New England Air Museum, tell the rest of the story. You'll not only read their words, but you'll hear their voices - past and present - in this unique blend of visuals, text, and recordings.


1960 The Beginning of CAHA

1960 CAHA and the Bradley Air Museum

1961 Building 600 and Early Restoration Efforts

1960 John W. Ramsay Research Library

1976 Building 170

1979 The Tornado

1979 Tornado Aftermath

1980 Fundraising After the Tornado

1981 Bradley Air Museum’s New Location

1984 Bradley Air Museum’ to New England Air Museum

1989 Restoration Hangar

1991 Storage Building

1992 Military Aviation Hangar

2003 B-29 Hangar and the 58th Bomb Wing Memorial

2010 Storage Hangar

2020 COVID-19


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Boeing B-29A “Superfortress”

Bunce Curtis Pusher

Burnelli CBY-3 “Loadmaster”

Doman Helicopters

Douglas A-26 & the 416th Bomb Group (Light)

Douglas DC-3

Goodyear ZNP K-28 Blimp Control Car

Granville Brother’s Gee Bee R-1 Replica

Kaman K-225

Laird LC-DW 300 “Solution”

Lockheed 10-A Electra

Marcoux-Bromberg R-3

North American P-51D Racer

Republic P-47D “Thunderbolt” and the 57th Fighter Group

Silas Brooks Balloon Basket

SIkorsky R-4

Sikorsky S-39B “Jungle Gym”

Sikorsky VS-44A “Excambian”

Vought XF4U-4 “Corsair”


Wright Brothers Engine #17

Bancroft Landing Gear

1910 Air Show Pin

VS-300 Patent Drawings

Pratt & Whitney Wasp Engines

Pratt & Whitney J57 Engine

Pratt & Whitney J58 Engine

American Volunteer Group “Flying Tigers” Collection

Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU)

Apollo Era Space Suit

Zero Gravity Toilet Prototype

“As you walk through the display hangars at the New England Air Museum, you get a great sense of aviation history and innovation. But that's only part of the story.”


President & Chairman of Board of Directors