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Donald F. Hahn


Recent Address:

Lewiston, NY and Bloomington, IN



Family Information:

Wife: Maribelle and Mary Lou; Parents: Frederick and Lena; Sons: Gary, Richard, Robert, Jeff; Daughers: Diane, Charlene


Waterville, OH

Date Entered Service:

December 1, 1942

Service Number:


Bomb Group:




Location of Unit:

Pratt, KS

Missions Flown:


Hump Missions Flown:





Distinguished Flying Cross, among others

Service Schools Attended:


Military Specialty(ies):


Rank Upon Discharge:

Staff Sergeant

Crew Type:

Flight crew

Airplane Serial No.& Name:

44-70094 - B Sweet IV and others as part of William Schall's crew

Were you a POW?


Were you interned?


Date Transferred from the 58th:


Date Discharged from the 58th:

September, 1945

Post-WWII Military Service:


Thoughts on the 58th Bomb Wing:

On the Yawata mission of August 20th 1944, the air crew had to "bail out" over China, was rescued and hidden by the Chinese, and returned over the Himalaya Mountains to their base in India. Donald kept the parachute that saved his life, shipped it home to his fiancée, Maribelle Fischer, who had her wedding dress made from that silk parachute. The dress has also served as the wedding gown for his daughter, Diane, and his daughter-in-law, Sandy. On a seam of the wedding dress remains a permanent inscription: "US Army Air Force."


Mr. Hahn passed away on August 10, 2012. He is buried at the Wakemen Cemetery in Waterville, OH.


Donald Hahn


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