Future Forces Forum: Impact from Russia/Ukraine Conflict
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Future Forces Forum: Impact from Russia/Ukraine Conflict

Richard Aboulafia & Kevin Michaels

September 9, 2024

5:30PM Reception; 7PM Speaking Program


Richard Aboulafia and Kevin Michaels will provide the latest developments to the armed services in response to lessons learned from the ongoing war and how it will impact future service procurement and the defense supply chain.

This event will be held both in-person at the New England Air Museum and virtually.


Richard Aboulafia: Since 1988, Richard has tracked aircraft programs, markets, and companies as an analyst and consultant. He manages consulting projects in the commercial and military aviation field and analyzes broader defense and aerospace market and industry trends. He has advised numerous aerospace companies.

Kevin Michaels: Kevin Michaels is Founder and Managing Director of AeroDynamic Advisory, a boutique aerospace consultancy. He has 37 years of professional experience, including more than 600 consulting engagements for leading aviation and aerospace companies across the globe.