K-28 Blimp Car 07/30

This week's aircraft of the week comes from Jeanie in visitor services! Here's what she had to say: "The K-28 is the greatest testament to what restoration can do".
The Museum's control car is from airship K-28, one of 134 K-category airships built between 1938 and 1944 for the purposes of anti-submarine patrol and convoy protection, mine sweeping, search and rescue, and photography. The control car had 90% of its original equipment missing when it arrived. The restoration commenced in 1993 and searches were made for any plans, but when none were found. The needed parts were drawn up and fabricated from photographs by our restoration team. Approximately 14,000 hours were spent on the restoration project. The effort was been worth it, as this is now the only World War II-style K-ship control car in the world.
***Join us on Saturday, July, 30th for an in-person follow-up to aircraft of the week. Meet our restoration volunteers Don & George as they discuss the K-28 restoration process and answer visitor questions!

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