DC-3 07/23

Aircraft of the Week is here! This week we spoke to Matthew from our public programs team. His pick? The Douglas DC-3! Here's what he had to say: "The Douglas DC-3 is an incredible aircraft, and is one of the original pioneers of commercial aviation. Even today, a majority of people's first flight was on a DC-3. It really opened the door for large-scale air travel. Not only that, but it also played a crucial role in World War II as its military counterpart, the C-47. It's no wonder why over 10,000 were built when the plane has such versatility, practicality, and not to mention style.


**Join us on Saturday, July 23rd for an in-person follow-up to aircraft of the week. Meet our DC-3 restoration crew, take a tour of the interior, and learn more about this iconic aircraft!

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