CH-54 Skycrane 08/06

Aircraft of the week is back! This week we spoke to Karen, our chief financial officer. Here's what she had to say: "I was walking though the hangar earlier and I oversaw an amazing moment. A family was looking at the Sikorsky Skycrane and holding his son up to look up into the cabin. The father was explaining that his grandfather had worked for Sikorski and helped build the aircraft. They were both beaming. You could just tell they were so proud to be apart of something like that.".
Designated the CH-54 “Tarhe” by the U.S. Army, they were used in Vietnam beginning in 1965 and quickly proved their value as a flying crane by routinely lifting outsized and weighty cargo such as artillery pieces, armored vehicles, and recovered aircraft. Notably, it was credited with retrieving over 380 damaged aircraft. The cargo pod also proved useful as they could carry troops or equipment, and serve as a mobile hospital or command post. 

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