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William F. Kittredge
Bill Kittredge, WWII
Bill Kittredge, WWII
Recent Address:
1034 Bay Avenue, #66, Ocean City, NJ 08226
Family Information:
Parents: Clara and Michael;
Ocean City, MD
Date Entered Service:
September 2, 1942
Service Number:
Bomb Group:
Location of Unit:
Davis-Monthan, Tucson, AZ May 1943
Missions Flown:
Hump Missions Flown:
Omura, Nagasaki, Yawata, Singapore, Bangkok, Rangoon, Saigon, Mukden, Anshan, etc
Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 4 Clusters
Service Schools Attended:
ROM - Chicago Oct 1942-Mar 1943; Radar - Boca Raton, FL Apr-Jul 1943
Military Specialty(ies):
Radar Operator
Rank Upon Discharge:
Staff Sergeant
Crew Type:
Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name:
42-6361 Uninvited (crashed June 5, 1944), 42-24507 Bachelor Quarters
Were you a POW?
Were you interned?
Date Transferred from the 58th:
April, 1945
Date Discharged from the 58th:
June 8, 1945
Post-WWII Military Service:
Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):
Playground Director, Sports Editor, Post Office (Retired)
Thoughts on the 58th Bomb Wing:
Went where plane went, did what plane did. Think I had most interesting job of entire crew. If it weren't for family conditions, I would have gone to Navigator School and remained in the Service.It was a great adventure.
Disgusted with these revisionists that try to make us the bad guys. Normally, I love all forms of life, but after seeing the terrible hardships of the Chinese people and hearing of the cruelty of the Japanese (beheading), I would gladly have pushed one button or pulled one switch if it could have resulted in the extermination of the entire Japanese Empire. The academia has been the worst of the accusers, some "professors" have made statements that are ludicrous, as if it wasn't a serious matter. Professors, 0% casualties. They will do anything to assuage their feeling of guilt.

Mr. Kittredge passed away January 4th 2009 and is buried at the Cape May County Veterans Cemetery, Cape May Court House, NJ


Bill Kittredge
Bill Kittredge


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