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John V. Patterson, Jr.
Recent Address:   3955 S.W. 315th Street, Federal Way, WA 98023-2151
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Family Information:   Parents: Ruth and John; Wife: Jacqualeen; Children: Kathleen, Timothy
Hometown:   Long Beach, CA
Date Entered Service:   December 8, 1943
Service Number:   FR13788
Bomb Group:   444th Bomb Group
Squadron:   678th Bomb Squadron
Location of Unit:   Great Bend, KS; August 1943
Missions Flown:   13
Hump Missions Flown:   64
Targets:   Bangkok, Yawata (2), Chenghtsian, Nagasaki, Mukden (2), Okayama, Tainan, Omura, Rangoon, Singapore, Nanking
Awards/Decorations:   Distinguished Flying Cross (2), Air Medal (5), Legion of Merit (2)
Service Schools Attended:   Bombardier-Victorville AAF, CA Jun 1943; B-29 Flight Engineer-Smoky Hill AAB, Salina, KS Aug 1943; Air Command and Staff School-Montgomery, AL Jun 1946
Military Specialty(ies):   MOS 1028-Aircraft Observer, Flight Engineer (VHB), Bombardier-Aircraft Observer B-52
Rank Upon Discharge:   Colonel
Crew Type:   Flight crew
Airplane Serial No.& Name:   42-6212 Thunder Bird--11th B-29 built; 42-24492 Hump Happy
Were you a POW?   No
Were you interned?   No
Date Transferred from the 58th:   December 8, 1944
Date Discharged from the 58th:   February 1, 1973 (Ret.)
Post-WWII Military Service:
Air Force Systems Command -- Research & Development, Test & Evaluation; Strategic Air Command, B-47 & B-52, A & E Sqdn Commander, 93rd Bomb Wing, Castle AFB, CA; 1 CBM Minuteman Systems Program Office, Norton AFB, CA, Lab Cmdr, Personnel Rsch, Aero Med, Air Force Systems Command; Program Manager AF Sys CMD, DOD Advanced RSH & DEV Agency
Post-WWII Civilian Occupation(s):
Manager, Aero-Astro Engineer, Boeing Aerospace Co., Seattle, WA 1 CBM, Space & International Sales & Systems Development 1973-86; TRW Systems International, Tehran, Iran 1975-1977; Proposal Development, Boeing Aerospace Co.. Saudi Arabia, Summer of 1986
Thoughts on the 58th Bomb Wing:
Being a B-29 aircrew member definitely structured my entire life, occupationally and physically. Prior to becoming an AAF Aviation Cadet, I was studying to become a petroleum engineer. After college I hoped to be employed as an engineer with Herbert Hoover's Inst. Of Petroleum Engineering (later California Inst. Of Technology) or Howard Hughes Petroleum Co. in Houston, TX. Being a 1st Lt. Flight Engineer on Major Tom Weldon's B-29 #212 crew in the 678th BS, 444th BG, 58th Bomb Wing, 20th Air Force gave me a vocation of 30 years in the USAF and 15 years in the Aerospace Industry, resulting in our family living in 23 locations all over the world in our 60 years of marriage.
Along with this questionnaire, I am sending a 51-page report of our B-29 crew's training at Great Bend AAF, Kansas, and our air combat missions in the China-Burma-India Theater in 1944. Also will send a 31-minute video "SUPERFORT - The Boeing B-29" that was produced for the 50th year anniversary of the Boeing B-29 rollout and the 18-page script of the video. Many individuals say they get more out of the video by reading the script before or after viewing the B-29 video. The B-29 video has been a best seller in the Museum of Flights gift shop since 1992. If the New England Air Museum has a library my memo to my B-29 Aircraft Commander, Major Tom Weldon and the B-29 video script could be added to the Museum's file. (Copies may be obtained from the 58th Bomb Wing Memorial office file.)


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