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Arthur J. Pejsa
Recent Address:
Custer, WI
Family Information:
Parents: Anton and Dora; Wife: Jeanne (deceased), Jane; Children: James, Anita, Ilse, Arthur and Franz
Custer, WI
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Distinguished Flying Cross; three Air Medals
Service Schools Attended:
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For three decades Art Pejsa was a pioneer aerospace physicist. At the AC Electronics Division of General Motors, he headed the system design and analysis group for Thor and Titan II, the world’s first successful missile guidance systems. At Honeywell Aerospace, Art analyzed systems for Apollo moon missions and personally designed the difficult re-entry guidance system for the Space Shuttles. Later he headed design of a new inertiaI navigation system, used for decades on most of the world's long range aircraft. Before his aerospace career, Arthur Pejsa was a professor of math and mechanics at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis.
Mr. Pejsa passed away on February 8, 2014 and is buried at St Mary's Catholic Cemetery in Custer, WI


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