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Anzani B


Courtesy of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry


Beginning in 1908 in France, the Anzani firm designed and produced a popular series of air-cooled radial engines ranging from 15 to 200 hp, using 3 to 20 cylinders. The Anzani was the first engine to have two rows of cylinders. The Model B was an improved 10 cylinder, two row engine used mostly to power training airplanes such as the Cauldron G-3. This example was manufactured by the Italian Anzani company in Milan, Italy.

This engine is located in the Civilian Hangar on the wall near the Waco YKC-S.

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Type: 10-cylinder, two-row, air-cooled, radial engine
Displacement: 963 cu. in.
Weight: 460 lbs.
Power Output: 100 hp at 1,200 rpm
NEAM Id: 29


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